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All Day Safety + All Day Comfort. Advanced manufacturing techniques combine with traditional styling and quality materials to meet the toughest safety standards in the industry today. Learn More >

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How to Pick the Right Shoe for the Job

Fitting the proper shoe for your work needs, is just as important as using the proper tool for the job. You wouldn’t try to hammer a nail with a screw driver, and you wouldn’t wear loafers to a job that requires safety footwear. That’s why it’s important to find the proper shoe that fits your working needs.

The Winter Guide to Insulated Boots

Working in cold temperatures is unforgiving, and without the proper protection, the cold can have serious implications to your health and safety.

EH or ESD? What's the Difference?

(EH) Electrical Hazard Safety Footwear Electric Hazard shoes are designed to impede the flow of electricity through the shoe and to ground, thereby...

Make a Difference, Every Day, Every Customer

It’s National Customer Service week, and at Footwear Specialties we wanted to remind everyone of the value we put into customer satisfaction, and t...

Insulated Boots – When You Need Them, We’ve Got Them

Working outdoors in the dead of winter (or in a cold freezer any time of year) can be excruciatingly cold, painful, and not a lot of fun if you don...

ASTM Standards - We’re Lucky to Have Them

You may think safety standards are boring reading, and maybe it's even a waste of time to have these standards at all. Boring reading, maybe, but a...

Need Slip-Resistant Shoes? – We Have What You Are Looking For

If you are working in the frenzied atmosphere of a busy kitchen, you know there will be times when the floors are wet, and navigating the wet spots...

Looking for Style and Comfort in Women’s Safety Shoes? Check & Check

Whether you work building computers or automobiles, in a steel foundry or in the oil fields, looking good can be as important as being safe.  And, ...