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We are North America’s leading manufacturer of protective footwear and accessories. We provide the best safety footwear for professionals across the industrial, retail, and e-commerce verticals.


Headquartered out of Portland, Oregon, we are the Footwear Division of SureWerx®, which focuses on creating high-performing work footwear that keeps today’s workers safe and comfortable, all day, every day.

Since our beginnings in 1996, we have expanded our brands and product offerings to serve the Safety Footwear market for both light-duty and heavy-duty, indoor and outdoor work environments, encompassing all work functionalities, always focusing exclusively on safety.



By Brand
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Safety and comfort are paramount for today’s workers. Avenger safety footwear is designed with this in mind, crafting each element of the shoe to endure any job site condition and possible impact. With a focus on both comfort and safety, Avenger shoes are a wise choice for the modern worker.

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New Balance Industrial has been established for over 100 years, focusing on developing footwear to improve performance. New Balance is not a boot brand doing athletic shoes. It is an athletic brand staying true to its DNA, incorporating data and learning from running, training, and field-of-play products, with the addition of safety features.

Atheletic Safety
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Nautilus is the perfect choice for industrial athletes who are constantly on the move. These athletic safety shoes have all the premium safety features, yet they're also incredibly comfortable and stylish. With their sleek construction and sophisticated design, Nautilus shoes provide the perfect blend of safety and style. They're perfect for all-day wear, and they offer unbeatable support and fit.

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MEGAComfort’s work-life wellness solutions are created to maximize employee engagement, motivation, and productivity cost-effectively. All MEGAComfort products are uniquely designed using a patented DUAL LAYER memory foam Technology. The dual layers compress together and gently rebound with every step of the walking cycle. 

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NEOS, a SureWerx® brand has been a leader in overshoe products, providing an extra level of protection, insulation, and traction. Designed to be worn right over your everyday footwear, made from advanced materials to provide durability and performance in the most extreme conditions.

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SureWerx® delivers the most comprehensive range of ice and snow traction aid products in North America, including the original and industry-leading K1 Series® midsole ice cleat and the Due North® brand of full foot and heel style solutions. No matter the application, work environment, or type of footwear, we have the depth and breadth necessary to help reduce the risk of slips and falls whether you are at work or play.

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